Wanna taste something savory and sweet both at the same time, then honey pork loins is a must try the recipe for you. The Savoury flavors added by perfect seasoning and the sweetness of honey combined and enhanced by the smoky flavor added by the pellet smoker is what makes the dish stand out. The simple dish can be served for every occasion, big or small, however, the secret lies in the proper cooking of the pork loin as the taste depends on technique more than the ingredients. The secret here lies not in its outer appearance, but in its internal temperature. That is, to check whether the pork loin is properly cooked or not, we must keep track of its internal temperature rather than the time of cooking which can be easily done using a heat probe. As we now know the secret that leads to the cooking of awesome pork loin, let’s start with its preparation right away. Ready?

Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 2.5 hours

Honey Pork Loins Recipe

1. Boneless pork loin (4lbs.)
2. BBQ honey rub
3. 1 cup honey
4. 2 cups BBQ pork injection
5. 1 cup brown sugar
6. 3 cups water
7. Salt as per taste
8. 1/2 cup apple juice (or apple cider vinegar)
9. 2 Tsp. Dried thyme leaves
10. 1 Tsp. Black pepper
11. 1 tbsp. Olive oil
12. 1 Tsp. Chilly powder
13. 1 Tsp. Oregano
14. 1 Tsp. Paprika

1. Injection
2. Shallow bowl
3. Mixing spatula
4. Meat probe
5. Rec-tec 700 Pellet Smoker

1. Take a large shallow bowl and add 1/4 cup pork injection, brown sugar, water and salt as per taste, black pepper, thyme leaves, apple juice, chilly powder, oregano, black pepper, olive oil and paprika in it. Mix all the ingredients well. Place the pork loin into the bowl and leave it overnight in the refrigerator.
2. Take the pork loin out of the mix and let it rest until it comes to the room temperature.
3. Once it comes to the room temperature, take an injection and inject as much BBQ pork injection as much it can hold.
4. Once you are done injecting the BBQ pork, season the loin with BBQ honey rub and insert a meat probe in it.
5. Preheat your rec-tec 700 pellet grill to 225°F with open lid until the fire is established. Once the fire is there, close the lid and heat it for another 10-15 minutes.
6. When the grill is hot and ready, cook the pork on the grill for about 2 hours.
7. Coat the loin with honey and cook it for another 1/2 to 1 (until it reaches an internal temperature of 140°F.
8. Once the meat is done, turn the grill off and coat another layer of honey on it. Transfer the meat on a plate and slice it after 5-10 minutes.

Slice it evenly and serve hot.

(Amount per 100 gram)
1. Calories: 260
2. Total fat: 17g
3. Cholesterol: 101mg
4. Sodium: 67mg
5. Potassium: 430mg
6. Protein: 30g

Are your taste buds craving coffee but it’s a very hot day? Why do not you consider adding some ice cubes to your favorite brew? But won’t it spoil the taste? A  lot of questions right? Let’s make cold coffee but 03 different types of cold coffee. 


Cold Brewed Coffee

Now cold brewed coffee has a lot of consumers, the graph shows a high number bar when it comes to demanding it and there is a reason it is simple to make, gives a very smooth texture and of course amazing taste by the way it is said that cold brewed coffees are less acidic in nature. 

Things you would require

  • Some Coffee filters 
  • Cheesecloth 
  • A Pitcher 

Ingredients you would require

  • cold water 
  • ground coffee (study)
  • syrup 
  • Milk or water as per your preference 
  • Ice cubes 



  • Put the Ground coffee in a large container 
  • Slowly add water to the large container over coffee
  • You will need a plastic wrap to basically cover your container so that it stays at room temperature for 24 hours. 
  • Now you need to prepare your strainer by placing cheesecloth and once done with it place it on the top of your pitcher. 
  • After 2 minutes slowly strain your coffee through your cheesecloth. you need to discard the grounds, repeat the straining part twice and later store it in your refrigerator 
  • While serving it you need to dilute it with water or milk according to your preference, if you like things a little sweet then use chocolate syrup and after it, you need to add ice. 


Vanilla Bean Iced Coffee 

Things required for vanilla bean iced coffee are 

  • Some Coffee filters 
  • A Pitcher 
  • saucepan 

Ingredients needed 

  • milk 
  • ground coffee 
  • vanilla beans 
  • sugar 
  • Ice  


  • first of all, you need to fill your pitcher with at least 4 cups of fresh water 
  • Add coffee to your coffee maker and stir it slowly after adding coffee cover it for about 12 hours 
  • place your saucepan over your induction or stove 
  • add sugar, vanilla beans, and milk, reduce the heat level after 2 minutes remove it from the stove 
  • now let your vanilla beans steep, strain it through a mesh sieve. now place coffee filter on your mesh sieve and again strain your coffee through it. 
  • For serving Vanilla Bean Iced Coffee take out your serving glasses put coffee in it and about 1/4th cup of flavored milk, use vanilla pods for garnishing 


Thai Iced Coffee


  • Condensed milk 
  • Ground coffee 
  • Milk (¾ cup) 


Put coffee ground as per your taste bud’s requirement and about 4 cups of fresh water in your brewer, after brewing place the mixture in your refrigerator to chill it. Take a small bowl and pour milk in it, stir it to make it smooth. Take your serving glass and put ice cubes in it, add coffee and on the top pour milk mixture 

This is all of the different but easy coffee recipes of coffee, do tell us about which one you liked the most. 

Whether you need early morning refreshment or want to keep yourself awake at night, coffee is what you need. Sometimes we are in such a rush that we don’t have time to make even a mug of coffee for ourselves. So here are 4 of the most simple ways to make instant coffee :   

 The Basic Instant Coffee 

(i) Let’s add coffee – Quantity of coffee depends on the size of your coffee mug. If you are using regular size mug, then 1 to 2 teaspoon of instant coffee is enough. 

(ii) Time for some sugar – Not everyone prefers to add sugar in their coffee. But if you are from one of those sugar coffee people, then you can add sugar according to your taste.

(iii) Water time – You are going to need some hot boiling water to add to your mug to make the perfect coffee. You can use kettle and stove or electric kettle to boil water. 

(iv) Add some milk – If you like, you can add some milk or cream to the coffee, depending on how you want your coffee to taste like. 

(v) Stir and serve – Now stir your coffee for 30 to 60 seconds and you are ready to serve yourself. You can add cocoa powder or chocolate liquid to make your coffee taste better than ever!  

 Iced Instant Coffee

(i) Preparing the base – To prepare the base for your iced instant coffee, you have to add instant coffee and hot water in the ratio of 1:2 and stir until you get the thick paste out of it. 

(ii) Time for some sugar – You can add some sugar according to your taste. After adding sugar stir the paste until it all gets mixed.  

(iii) Water or milk time – Add cold water or milk to your coffee base. If you want your coffee to be creamier, prefer adding cold milk instead of water. Stir it well to get the best result. 

(iv) Icy-ice! – Add ice cubes to an empty glass and pour your coffee over it. 

(v) Serve – Well now when your coffee is ready, you are ready to serve it and enjoy it! 

 Blended Instant Coffee

(i) Assembling the blender – Your review of  the ninja coffee bar should be clean and smell free and the lid should fit tightly. 

(ii) Adding the ingredients – Add 1 teaspoon of instant coffee, 4 to 6 ice cubes, 2 teaspoons of sugar and 3/4 cup of milk into the blender. 

(iii) Flavoring your coffee – You can add chocolate syrup or vanilla extract to make your coffee look more tempted!  

(iv) Time to start the blender – Now its time to turn on the blender. Don’t stop the blender until your coffee becomes smooth. 

(v) Serving time – Now when all the work is done, pour your coffee into a tall glass. Furthermore, you can add some chocolate chips to make it even tastier! 

 Instant Latte

(i) Preparing the base – To prepare the base for your instant latte, you have to add instant coffee and hot water in the ratio of 1:1 and stir until you get the thick paste out of it. 

(ii) Time for some sugar – You can add some sugar according to your taste. After adding sugar stir the paste until it all gets mixed.  

(iii) Time for some warm milk – You will be needing warm milk so you can heat your milk either on the stove or by pouring the milk in a coffee mug and put it in the microwave for 2 minutes. 

(iv) Showtime! – Now when your milk is hot, pour it over the latte base and stir it well so that it all gets mixed. 

(v) Serve it – Now when your latte is ready, you can add some cream on the top and some cocoa powder and then serve it to yourself!

Top of Form 


For many of us, coffee is just a morning drink. We use coffee as a “tool” that provide energy to our body! But then there is a question that how many of us know about the healing power of coffee or the benefits that we get from our dear morning drink, coffee? 

Well, without waiting more, let’s get into it! 

Before we begin, let’s have a look at the stats of consumption of coffee. According to the survey, the average consumption of coffee per person in the USA is 3 cups a day and 2,250,000,000 cups of coffee are consumed worldwide daily.  


 According to a survey done by BBC News, having 3 to 4 cups of coffee per day reduces the risk of having cancer and liver disease. Not only this, it also reduces the risk of Type II Diabetes by 9%. There was a study done by the researchers of Korea which state that if you drink up to 5 cups of coffee daily you are less likely to have the heart disease. Another study shows that people who drink coffee have less chance of dying at the premature age, from the diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart problems. Basically, coffee increases your lifespan as it reduces a lot of dying risks!  

Black coffee might not be having that good taste but it prevents your tooth from getting into the relationship with cavities.  

If you are a gym going person and do a lot of workouts, coffee will help you out by overcoming the muscle pain up to almost 50% caused by intense workout. And if we talk about the mental health, coffee drinkers reduce the chance of having depression by 20%. 20 to 40 grams of fiber intake is a must for every person and coffee helps you by contributing 2 grams per cup.  

 Now we all know that coffee helps us in reducing a lot of health risks but it does not mean that we can replace medicines with coffee or can take medicines along with it. Taking medicines with the coffee can cause a lot of side effects like increase in the heartbeat, headache etc. So be careful if you are a coffee lover and on medication. 

6 benefits of coffee 

  • it keeps your reproductive system more than happy 
  • it reduces the risk of developing diabetes 
  • it protects your brain from  Alzheimer and dementia  
  • it not only makes your reproductive system happy but your skin as well 
  • with diabetes, it even reduces the chances of oral cancer  
  • it strengthens your DNA and your muscles  

why should we consume coffee? 

  1. It boosts your short-term memory
  2. It has a lot of healthy antioxidants
  3. fights against cognitive decline 
  4. Keeps your heart healthy
  5. It is one of the biggest reasons why your liver smiles, lowers chances of liver cancer, alcoholic cirrhosis.
  6. It helps in improving your performance
  7. It controls depression

 Coffee for sure has a lot of reasons to drink but that does not mean that you should drink a lot of coffee every day, drink moderate about of coffee and stay healthy 

Copper chef pot 

do not get confused when you read the word pot as it is the square-shaped six in one nonstick pan, it also comes with some accessories, for example, a glass press, lid and fry basket. Copper chef pan is something about which you can talk all day long as it replaces 6 of your other cookware. The best thing about the Copper chef pan is that it is not just copper it is somewhere around 95 to 97 percent copper and the rest the new generation ceramic, which is healthy. This pan is highly durable.



  • About 1 1/2 cup of seasoned flour 
  • 01 egg with a tablespoon of water 
  • About1 quart  oil 
  • About 1/2 cup of  Wing Sauce 
  • About 1/2 cup of honey 
  • 01 package of Purdue wingettes 

Method – 

  • Place you Copper chef pan on your induction or stove, pour oil in to for frying purpose, make sure that the oil covers your Purdue wingettes. For frying Chicken wings you need to heat the oil till bubbles start to appear, to check if the oil is at the right temperature put a small piece of wing in it or some flour. 
  • Take a small bowl and break an egg in it after it whisks it properly once done put about one tablespoon of fresh water in it and whisk it again. 
  • Now take another bowl and put the flour in it with pepper, salt and one tablespoon of chicken rub. ( Adding chicken rub is not necessary if you have it you can add it or else no need to go shopping for it ) 
  • Now you need to dip your Purdue wingettes one by one in the egg mixture and then into flour which has pepper and salt. 
  • Now the question is fry till when and what the heat level should be. on medium heat fry your chicken wings till they turn golden. never ever undercook the wings if not sure just cut them and see if they are fried properly or not. 
  • Take a paper towel and place all the cooked wings on it meanwhile you need to make your sauce. 
  • To make your sauce you would need a large size bowl, in that bowl add wing sauce ( sweet baby ray sauce ) and honey. if you are a fan of sweet things then you can add more honey and if not then less totally depends on you. 
  • Once you are done with frying the chicken wings and done making your sauce you need to evenly coat wings in your sauce once evenly coated pour the rest over the chicken wings.  


That’s all with the super crispy chicken wings but not with the article, now that you are done cooking in your new copper chef pan do not forget to clean it and store it in a less crowded compartment so that it does not get any scratches yes it is nonstick and highly durable but there is no need for us to take any chance. you can even use your copper chef pan in your oven make different things such lasagna, steaks, rice and even prime ribs. 

For those who love to entertain their food by doing experiments, we are here with  9 surprising things that you can add to your coffee beyond cream and sugar! And if you love coffee, you are going to love this! 


  1. Cardamom– People from middle east use cardamom in their coffee as it gives some foreign taste to the coffee.  Apart from the taste, cardamom helps in neutralizing the vivifying effects of caffeine.   

Sprinkle a little bit of cardamom on your mug of coffee and you are good to go! 


  1. Salt– Now this may surprise you but salt is considered as a good addition to the coffee because it helps to remove the bitterness from it.  Salt has always been the enemy of bitterness. Salt is mostly added to the cold coffee. Also, salt helps in increasing the taste of cold coffee. 


  1. Butter– Yes! We just said adding butter to your coffee. Well, the idea behind adding the butter to the coffee is that it provides energy to your body. Having butter in the breakfast gives you a lot of energy. Some people even replace butter coffee with their breakfast. Believe that! 


  1. Ice Cream– Just imagine a scoop of ice cream on the top of your cold coffee! Water already in the mouth, right? Well, the combination of ice cream and cold coffee will make anyone tempted towards it. And what more a person would need on a hot summer day! 


  1. Vanilla Extract– A flavor that goes with every single thing. Well adding vanilla to your coffee will not only give you a wonderful taste, it will also make a replacement for the need of sugar and cream.  


  1. Coconut milk– Well, everyone loves a little change in their daily routine. And trying adding coconut milk instead of regular milk will not harm anyone. The coconut taste of the coconut milk will definitely surprise your coffee and your taste buds! 


  1. Cinnamon– Well if you are a health conscious person then you should give a second thought of adding sugar or cream to the mug of your coffee daily. You should replace sugar with cinnamon and as a result, cinnamon will save you a lot of calories! Also, cinnamon will help to improve your immune system and will give you other health benefits. 


  1. Booze– Before your mind raises any questions, adding liquor to the coffee is not new. In Sweeden, it is a tradition to add liquor to the coffee and Irish coffee is a well-known example for this. Adding a little bit of vodka will make both you and your coffee excited! 


  1. Egg– No we are not out of our mind nor we had a big jar of boozed coffee. And yes we understand that adding an egg to your coffee is not the first thing you want to do in the morning. But the idea behind adding an egg to your coffee is that that it clarifies the coffee and leaves you with a perfectly colored drink. 


Now you all know what you have to do when you will make coffee next time! 


The market is full of different types of razors and trust me when I say somehow all of them are the same, there are a lot of new and experienced manufacturers, when we get a lot of options we get confused between which one is the one for us as straight razors are certain investment so before buying it is important for us to know which one is the right one for us and for that you must go through reviews and even know what your need is because it is not only about the razor but about your nature as well, straight razor is not for the people who are always in a hurry, who can’t get up early in the morning but if you are full of patience, are an early bird and won’t mind learning a skill or two then straight razors are for you but which one? To answer this question below are some of the best straight razors on the market. 

Feather SS Japanese Straight Razor 

Japanese people are really innovative, they just want to do things differently and they have shown us their creativity by inventing feather ss Japanese straight razor which does not fold like other cutthroats and Feather SS even comes with disposable blades now this is something cool, disposable blades and still give smooth, consistent and of course close shave. if you do not like the cleaning part then this razor is for you. 


Hart Steel Straight Razor 

This super cool straight razor is not from the old country but from America and the fun fact is it is handiwork, the blade comes with a square point and a hollow grind, the blade is about 5/8 and highly polished. Coming to the handle, you can personally customize it and the craftsman who makes it carves his initials into the 5/8 blade this is done only to ensure the quality 

Baxter Blue Steele 

This razor is designed by Baxter ( California ) and it is made up to the American quality, it offers you a blue blade which is made up of steel and a black matte handle which makes it a durable and beautiful straight razor. Baxter blue steel is manufactured in the well known Michigan, U.S 

Harner Wedge Ground Razor 

Harner wedge ground razor by Butch Harner, each of these razors or i should call them knives are crafted in Pennsylvania, studio these cutthroats by Harner are hand-forged, the downside of this razor is that it needs frequent sharpening but the pro is that it gives you one of the best shaves and makes you feel as if you are playing with hot steel and it is also made up to the American quality. 

While shaving with a straight razor always remember you need to have a moisturized face so that you do not end up getting cuts on your precious face, while shaving with a straight razor always hot it at 90 degrees and shave in the direction in which your beard grows. 

Bunn is a manufacturer of brewers worldwide and everyone all across the see brew coffee in it but what about tea? And what about iced tea? you can use your Bunn brewer to brew coffee and tea as well and the tea that you are going to brew would give taste according to you and refreshment to keep you going throughout the day 

Before brewing your tea you need to keep 3Ts in your mind, number one is the tea itself, number two is the time and the last one but the most important one is the temperature at which you are going to brew. 


llike coffee tea even has a wide variety it comes in different color, some are strong some are not and all of them have a different purpose like people consume green tea to stay fit. now let us know which of the teas we can actually make in a home coffee brewer, green and black teas are the lucky types which have a great relationship with Bunn home coffee brewers. green tea has somewhat delicate flavor than black tea and when we are making ice tea what we need to do is put double the amount of tea so while putting tea in the brewer we need to make sure that we are adding 2 teaspoons per 6-ounce 

You need to understand one thing that for coffee and for tea as well water is one of the most important element has it brings tea and coffee both to their actual potential which gives us our required flavor so the water needs to be in the right quantity and fresh water is what I would recommend for the best flavor. once you have selected which tea you wish to use, place it in the funnel of a bunn home brewer and add water. 

 You have to pour cold and fresh water for infusing, note that different teas require a different amount of time for infusing, for instance, herbal tea requires about five to seven minutes whereas green tea only requires one to three minutes. steeping is also an art just like shaving if you steep too much your tea becomes acidic in nature or bitter in taste. 

 Once steeping is done you need to take a glass pitcher and empty your carafe into it and if you love sweet tea then this is the time when you can add sugar or sweetener according to your preference after this let your tea cool down, once it is at room temperature you can add ice in it and enjoy the taste of it. 

 Summer has some days where you do not wish to have anything hot at times you even prefer eating cold food and when you wish to have a nice glass of ice tea your brewer comes to the rescue. brewer can be used as a lot of things for instance as a steamer and as a grill. you just need to know how your brewer works and m sure you will stop using it for just brewing your coffee 


Whether you have a date night or any other special occasion or have a gathering at your home with friends and family, Steak is the perfect option for dinner at such times. The process of making steak gives you a lot of smoke in return, so don’t forget to keep your exhaust fan open! 


(I) Ingredients 

Following are the ingredients that you will need to make Steak: 


(i) Olive oil. 

(ii) Butter. 

(iii) Black pepper. 

(iv) Salt.  

(v) Grass-fed strip steaks.  

(vi) Crushed garlic cloves. 

(vii) Thyme sprigs. 



(II) Steps/Methods to Make Steak 

Following are the steps or methods that will guide you making steak: 



At room temperature, stand the steaks for 30 minutes. 


STEP 2  

The second step is to heat the iron skillet and adding the oil to it afterward. Now place the steaks in the pan and cook them until they turn brownish.  



Now turn the heat down to medium and add butter, garlic and thyme sprigs. Pour butter on the steaks constantly and cook it for 1 to 2 minutes.  



Remove steaks and cover them loosely with foil. 


STEP 5  

Cut steak crossway and chuck out the thyme and garlic. Spread some butter over steak. 


Now when your steak is ready, you are good to go. Serve it to your guests and let them butter you up with the praises! 



Heaven for the eyes and for the belly, prime rib is the best thing you can make and enjoy during holiday seasons. Also, prime rib is very easy to cook. 


(I) Ingredients 

Following are the ingredients that you will need to make Prime Rib: 


(i) Ribs. 

(ii) Standing rib roast.  

(iii) Black Pepper. 

(iv) Salt. 


(II) Steps/Methods to Make Prime Rib 

Following are the steps or methods that will guide you  



Make sure that beef roast has been removed 3 hours before you start cooking. Sprinkle salt all over it and wrap it loosely in the butcher paper. Before you put roasts in the oven, bring them close or equal to the room temperature.  



For the easy carving, make sure that bones have been cut away from the roast and tied on the back of it with kitchen strings. 



Heat your oven at the temperature of 500°F and pat the roast with the help of the paper towel and sprinkle the salt and pepper all over the roast. 



Into the roasting pan, place the roast in such a way that it fat side is turned up and rib bone side down. Also, don’t forget to insert the meat thermometer but make sure that it is not touching any of the bone. 


STEP 5  

After 15 minutes, reduce the temperature to 325°F. Wait for the thermometer to give you the temperature of 115°F for rare or 120°-130°F for medium. 



Wait for the roast to reach the temperature you want and then put it on the carving board for 30 minutes before cutting down it into the slices. 



Now remove the bones and kitchen strings that you put on the back for the hold. 


STEP 8  

Now when everything is done, carve the roast into slices and let everybody’s mouth, feel the warmth of it! 


Now you know what to make when the holiday season is around the corner! 



One of the oldest types of pasta, lasagna is best for business when it comes to cooking for family or gathering or an occasion. 


(I) Ingredients 

Following are the ingredients that you will need to make Lasagna: 


(i) Hot water. 

(ii) Lean ground beef.  

(iii) Shredded mozzarella cheese. 

(iv) Uncooked lasagna noodles. 

(v) Ricotta cheese. 

(vi) Tomato-basil pasta sauce. 


(II) Steps/Methods to Make Lasagna 

Following are the steps or methods that will guide you making lasagna: 



On a medium heat, put frying pan and cook beef in it and stir until it falls to pieces and turns brownish. Now take the pasta sauce and stir in it. 



Take a baking dish and spread 1/3 of meat sauce in it. Now layer up the baking dish with noodles, ricotta cheese, and mozzarella cheese respectively and repeat the procedure and on mozzarella cheese, spread the remaining meat sauce. 



Around the edges of the dish, pour 1/4 of hot water carefully. Make sure to cover the dish with the heavy layer of aluminum foil. 


STEP 4  

For the 45 minutes, bake the dish in the oven at 375°F. Now bake for another 10 minutes after removing the foil. 



Just wait for 10 minutes and your lasagna is ready to go into the mouth of your guests!