Bunn is a manufacturer of brewers worldwide and everyone all across the see brew coffee in it but what about tea? And what about iced tea? you can use your Bunn brewer to brew coffee and tea as well and the tea that you are going to brew would give taste according to you and refreshment to keep you going throughout the day 

Before brewing your tea you need to keep 3Ts in your mind, number one is the tea itself, number two is the time and the last one but the most important one is the temperature at which you are going to brew. 


llike coffee tea even has a wide variety it comes in different color, some are strong some are not and all of them have a different purpose like people consume green tea to stay fit. now let us know which of the teas we can actually make in a home coffee brewer, green and black teas are the lucky types which have a great relationship with Bunn home coffee brewers. green tea has somewhat delicate flavor than black tea and when we are making ice tea what we need to do is put double the amount of tea so while putting tea in the brewer we need to make sure that we are adding 2 teaspoons per 6-ounce 

You need to understand one thing that for coffee and for tea as well water is one of the most important element has it brings tea and coffee both to their actual potential which gives us our required flavor so the water needs to be in the right quantity and fresh water is what I would recommend for the best flavor. once you have selected which tea you wish to use, place it in the funnel of a bunn home brewer and add water. 

 You have to pour cold and fresh water for infusing, note that different teas require a different amount of time for infusing, for instance, herbal tea requires about five to seven minutes whereas green tea only requires one to three minutes. steeping is also an art just like shaving if you steep too much your tea becomes acidic in nature or bitter in taste. 

 Once steeping is done you need to take a glass pitcher and empty your carafe into it and if you love sweet tea then this is the time when you can add sugar or sweetener according to your preference after this let your tea cool down, once it is at room temperature you can add ice in it and enjoy the taste of it. 

 Summer has some days where you do not wish to have anything hot at times you even prefer eating cold food and when you wish to have a nice glass of ice tea your brewer comes to the rescue. brewer can be used as a lot of things for instance as a steamer and as a grill. you just need to know how your brewer works and m sure you will stop using it for just brewing your coffee