The market is full of different types of razors and trust me when I say somehow all of them are the same, there are a lot of new and experienced manufacturers, when we get a lot of options we get confused between which one is the one for us as straight razors are certain investment so before buying it is important for us to know which one is the right one for us and for that you must go through reviews and even know what your need is because it is not only about the razor but about your nature as well, straight razor is not for the people who are always in a hurry, who can’t get up early in the morning but if you are full of patience, are an early bird and won’t mind learning a skill or two then straight razors are for you but which one? To answer this question below are some of the best straight razors on the market. 

Feather SS Japanese Straight Razor 

Japanese people are really innovative, they just want to do things differently and they have shown us their creativity by inventing feather ss Japanese straight razor which does not fold like other cutthroats and Feather SS even comes with disposable blades now this is something cool, disposable blades and still give smooth, consistent and of course close shave. if you do not like the cleaning part then this razor is for you. 


Hart Steel Straight Razor 

This super cool straight razor is not from the old country but from America and the fun fact is it is handiwork, the blade comes with a square point and a hollow grind, the blade is about 5/8 and highly polished. Coming to the handle, you can personally customize it and the craftsman who makes it carves his initials into the 5/8 blade this is done only to ensure the quality 

Baxter Blue Steele 

This razor is designed by Baxter ( California ) and it is made up to the American quality, it offers you a blue blade which is made up of steel and a black matte handle which makes it a durable and beautiful straight razor. Baxter blue steel is manufactured in the well known Michigan, U.S 

Harner Wedge Ground Razor 

Harner wedge ground razor by Butch Harner, each of these razors or i should call them knives are crafted in Pennsylvania, studio these cutthroats by Harner are hand-forged, the downside of this razor is that it needs frequent sharpening but the pro is that it gives you one of the best shaves and makes you feel as if you are playing with hot steel and it is also made up to the American quality. 

While shaving with a straight razor always remember you need to have a moisturized face so that you do not end up getting cuts on your precious face, while shaving with a straight razor always hot it at 90 degrees and shave in the direction in which your beard grows.