For those who love to entertain their food by doing experiments, we are here with  9 surprising things that you can add to your coffee beyond cream and sugar! And if you love coffee, you are going to love this! 


  1. Cardamom– People from middle east use cardamom in their coffee as it gives some foreign taste to the coffee.  Apart from the taste, cardamom helps in neutralizing the vivifying effects of caffeine.   

Sprinkle a little bit of cardamom on your mug of coffee and you are good to go! 


  1. Salt– Now this may surprise you but salt is considered as a good addition to the coffee because it helps to remove the bitterness from it.  Salt has always been the enemy of bitterness. Salt is mostly added to the cold coffee. Also, salt helps in increasing the taste of cold coffee. 


  1. Butter– Yes! We just said adding butter to your coffee. Well, the idea behind adding the butter to the coffee is that it provides energy to your body. Having butter in the breakfast gives you a lot of energy. Some people even replace butter coffee with their breakfast. Believe that! 


  1. Ice Cream– Just imagine a scoop of ice cream on the top of your cold coffee! Water already in the mouth, right? Well, the combination of ice cream and cold coffee will make anyone tempted towards it. And what more a person would need on a hot summer day! 


  1. Vanilla Extract– A flavor that goes with every single thing. Well adding vanilla to your coffee will not only give you a wonderful taste, it will also make a replacement for the need of sugar and cream.  


  1. Coconut milk– Well, everyone loves a little change in their daily routine. And trying adding coconut milk instead of regular milk will not harm anyone. The coconut taste of the coconut milk will definitely surprise your coffee and your taste buds! 


  1. Cinnamon– Well if you are a health conscious person then you should give a second thought of adding sugar or cream to the mug of your coffee daily. You should replace sugar with cinnamon and as a result, cinnamon will save you a lot of calories! Also, cinnamon will help to improve your immune system and will give you other health benefits. 


  1. Booze– Before your mind raises any questions, adding liquor to the coffee is not new. In Sweeden, it is a tradition to add liquor to the coffee and Irish coffee is a well-known example for this. Adding a little bit of vodka will make both you and your coffee excited! 


  1. Egg– No we are not out of our mind nor we had a big jar of boozed coffee. And yes we understand that adding an egg to your coffee is not the first thing you want to do in the morning. But the idea behind adding an egg to your coffee is that that it clarifies the coffee and leaves you with a perfectly colored drink. 


Now you all know what you have to do when you will make coffee next time!