Are your taste buds craving coffee but it’s a very hot day? Why do not you consider adding some ice cubes to your favorite brew? But won’t it spoil the taste? A  lot of questions right? Let’s make cold coffee but 03 different types of cold coffee. 


Cold Brewed Coffee

Now cold brewed coffee has a lot of consumers, the graph shows a high number bar when it comes to demanding it and there is a reason it is simple to make, gives a very smooth texture and of course amazing taste by the way it is said that cold brewed coffees are less acidic in nature. 

Things you would require

  • Some Coffee filters 
  • Cheesecloth 
  • A Pitcher 

Ingredients you would require

  • cold water 
  • ground coffee (study)
  • syrup 
  • Milk or water as per your preference 
  • Ice cubes 



  • Put the Ground coffee in a large container 
  • Slowly add water to the large container over coffee
  • You will need a plastic wrap to basically cover your container so that it stays at room temperature for 24 hours. 
  • Now you need to prepare your strainer by placing cheesecloth and once done with it place it on the top of your pitcher. 
  • After 2 minutes slowly strain your coffee through your cheesecloth. you need to discard the grounds, repeat the straining part twice and later store it in your refrigerator 
  • While serving it you need to dilute it with water or milk according to your preference, if you like things a little sweet then use chocolate syrup and after it, you need to add ice. 


Vanilla Bean Iced Coffee 

Things required for vanilla bean iced coffee are 

  • Some Coffee filters 
  • A Pitcher 
  • saucepan 

Ingredients needed 

  • milk 
  • ground coffee 
  • vanilla beans 
  • sugar 
  • Ice  


  • first of all, you need to fill your pitcher with at least 4 cups of fresh water 
  • Add coffee to your coffee maker and stir it slowly after adding coffee cover it for about 12 hours 
  • place your saucepan over your induction or stove 
  • add sugar, vanilla beans, and milk, reduce the heat level after 2 minutes remove it from the stove 
  • now let your vanilla beans steep, strain it through a mesh sieve. now place coffee filter on your mesh sieve and again strain your coffee through it. 
  • For serving Vanilla Bean Iced Coffee take out your serving glasses put coffee in it and about 1/4th cup of flavored milk, use vanilla pods for garnishing 


Thai Iced Coffee


  • Condensed milk 
  • Ground coffee 
  • Milk (¾ cup) 


Put coffee ground as per your taste bud’s requirement and about 4 cups of fresh water in your brewer, after brewing place the mixture in your refrigerator to chill it. Take a small bowl and pour milk in it, stir it to make it smooth. Take your serving glass and put ice cubes in it, add coffee and on the top pour milk mixture 

This is all of the different but easy coffee recipes of coffee, do tell us about which one you liked the most.