Copper chef pot 

do not get confused when you read the word pot as it is the square-shaped six in one nonstick pan, it also comes with some accessories, for example, a glass press, lid and fry basket. Copper chef pan is something about which you can talk all day long as it replaces 6 of your other cookware. The best thing about the Copper chef pan is that it is not just copper it is somewhere around 95 to 97 percent copper and the rest the new generation ceramic, which is healthy. This pan is highly durable.



  • About 1 1/2 cup of seasoned flour 
  • 01 egg with a tablespoon of water 
  • About1 quart  oil 
  • About 1/2 cup of  Wing Sauce 
  • About 1/2 cup of honey 
  • 01 package of Purdue wingettes 

Method – 

  • Place you Copper chef pan on your induction or stove, pour oil in to for frying purpose, make sure that the oil covers your Purdue wingettes. For frying Chicken wings you need to heat the oil till bubbles start to appear, to check if the oil is at the right temperature put a small piece of wing in it or some flour. 
  • Take a small bowl and break an egg in it after it whisks it properly once done put about one tablespoon of fresh water in it and whisk it again. 
  • Now take another bowl and put the flour in it with pepper, salt and one tablespoon of chicken rub. ( Adding chicken rub is not necessary if you have it you can add it or else no need to go shopping for it ) 
  • Now you need to dip your Purdue wingettes one by one in the egg mixture and then into flour which has pepper and salt. 
  • Now the question is fry till when and what the heat level should be. on medium heat fry your chicken wings till they turn golden. never ever undercook the wings if not sure just cut them and see if they are fried properly or not. 
  • Take a paper towel and place all the cooked wings on it meanwhile you need to make your sauce. 
  • To make your sauce you would need a large size bowl, in that bowl add wing sauce ( sweet baby ray sauce ) and honey. if you are a fan of sweet things then you can add more honey and if not then less totally depends on you. 
  • Once you are done with frying the chicken wings and done making your sauce you need to evenly coat wings in your sauce once evenly coated pour the rest over the chicken wings.  


That’s all with the super crispy chicken wings but not with the article, now that you are done cooking in your new copper chef pan do not forget to clean it and store it in a less crowded compartment so that it does not get any scratches yes it is nonstick and highly durable but there is no need for us to take any chance. you can even use your copper chef pan in your oven make different things such lasagna, steaks, rice and even prime ribs.